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Post  Lord Castellan Creed on Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:29 pm

Welcome to The Miners Union guild forums. Please read this before joining:
General Rules

#No spamming.
#No double posting.
#No necrobumping.
#Behave respectfully towards other members. This precludes:
---Insulting language
---Unconstructive criticism
---Trolling and other disruptive behavior
#NO racism, sexism, abuse of power or discrimination of any kind is tolerated. This includes use of derogatory terms towards sexuality, race, gender, etc.
#Do NOT post or link to pirated property, software, or other files. Illegal activities are not tolerated here.
#Do NOT post or link to offensive content. This includes malicious or pornographic images or information.
#Do NOT advertise any third party product or post links to advertisements of such.
#Do NOT flood the boards.

Signature Rules

#Must abide by all forum rules.
#Must not have any images larger than 500 x 200 pixels.
#Must not have more than either:
---2 quotes and 1 line of text
---1 quote and 3 lines of text
---10 lines of text alone

Avatar Rules

#Must abide by all forum rules.
#May not impersonate other members.

These rules apply to all members! If anyone breaks any of the rules, please use the report button and it will be dealt with accordingly.

Please not that anyone can join the forums but certain sections can only be viewed by guild members. If you are a guild member but can not view the sections for just the guild please sent me a private message either through the forum or in-game.
Should you have any problems setting up your account on the forum you can contact me in-game or through the core-exiles IRC or The Miners Union channel when I am online.
Lord Castellan Creed,

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